Gingerboats are wooden boat builders based in Newcastle. As well as using traditional boat building methods, Gingerboats use the latest in modern design and construction techniques. Designing in CAD software enables them to create cutting files which can then be cut on CNC machines in a variety of suitable materials. 

These 3D rendered CAD images show a boat called a GP14 originally designed in the 1950's. Gingerboats used CAD and CFD to optimize the shape conspired to their competitors. Phil Hodgkins, Director, used our CNC services at Design Code to cut the new updated version of the GP14.

The photos above show some of the GP14 files being cut using our ShopBot CNC milling machine. The CNC cut panels are then put together at the Gingerboats workshop over in Newcastle upon Tyne. So far they have built 4 boats with panels cut at the Design Code site in Cockermouth. 

Phil Hodgkins remarked that it was very difficult to find a CNC service, local to Newcastle, that would do one off prototyping or short batch runs. Even though Design Code were based on the otherside of the country, he was very happy to continue using our digital fabrication services....