Digital Fabrication Services


At Design Code we provide creative design solutions using the latest technology. With a focus on quality, contemporary design and customer service. Our inhouse design team will be able to aid you through the design process. Email us at to request a quote.



We offer: 

- CNC Milling

- Laser Cutting & Engraving

- 3D printing

- Vinyl cutting 


Laser Cutting & Engraving


In our Studio we have two powerful laser cutters, that are able to cut through materials such as: Soft and hard wood, acrylic, cardboard, paper, Fabric, Leather, Corian or Avonite, Matt Board, Rubber, and any organic material.  Laser cutting is excellent way to cut or engrave materials because it is extremely accurate.



CNC Milling 


Our CNC Milling machine is able to cut through various materials such as Hard and soft wood, dibond, plastic, corian, avonite and foam. It is ideal for manufacturing industrial components ,assemblies and housings, typography and model making,  fabricating furniture, bespoke signage and mould's. 



3D Printing


Our studio is equipped with an ultimaker 2 3D printer.

It is ideal for prototyping and testing out products before taking them to market. Flexible, future-proof and ready to turn your creative concept into reality, 3D printing ensures accurate, consistent results - tailored to your needs.


Design Service


We offer a unique design service. If you require a custom made product, then look no further. Our team of designers can take your initial ideas through the design process, translating your concept into a physical design. We can cater to your exact needs, keeping you at the heart of the design.

 Email us at to request a quote.